Zirconia Ceramic Plate

Brand Name
3X ceramic parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
1 piece
square , round , oval or custom
Machining Way
flapping machining
Compressive Strength
2000 Mpa

Zirconia Ceramic Plate Properties : 

Zirconia ceramic plate has stable properties and high wear resistance. Most of the crystalline form of zirconia ceramic is powder, which can be formed by dry forming or steel mold pressing. These two pressing methods are widely used in the field of zirconia ceramics, and the density of zirconia ceramics produced by these two methods is very high.

Zirconia ceramic plate is made by isostatic pressing process, and uniform, dense and smooth surface ceramic layer and transition layer are formed at high temperature and high speed. Because of the advanced manufacturing process, high cost, suitable for precision ceramic parts, and its wear resistance is stronger than other ceramic rods, it is generally used in high wear-resistant places.

Zirconia ceramic plate is widely used in the field of structural ceramics because of its high toughness, high bending strength, high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation and thermal expansion coefficient close to steel. It mainly includes: Y-TZP grinding ball, dispersing and grinding medium, nozzle, ball seat of ball valve, zirconia mold, miniature fan axis, optical fiber pin, optical fiber sleeve, wire drawing die and cutting tools, wear-resistant tools, case and strap, light bat of golf ball and other wear-resistant parts at room temperature.

Zirconia Ceramic Plate is characterized by high hardness, insulation, wear resistant, high temperature resistant and thermal shock resistant. And all kinds of customized ceramic plate  are available in customized requirement.

Main benefits of Zirconia ceramic Plates :

Anti - Chemical properties :  The strong acid and alkali resistance of zirconia ceramic shall be better than other materials .

High toughness , not easy to break  ,High hardness , high density .  Wear resistance property :  not easy to wear ,  with strong durability.   The hardness is close to the natural diamond and light than  metals , also has the gem properties such as never wear and non - discoloring .

Heat resistance property :  Can maintain the mechanical strength under high temperature ,  can be used in the condition with high temperature .

Good surface finish quality , could get more glossy smooth surface .  Small coefficient of wear , with quite good self - lubricating function , non - magnetic , electric insulation , static - free ,  anti interference and radiation . 

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