Zirconia Structural Parts Application

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Where can zirconia ceramics be used? With the continuous development of society, zirconia ceramics are widely used in structural ceramics because of their high toughness, high flexural strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation, thermal expansion coefficient close to steel and other advantages. So where can zirconia ceramics be used? Below is a brief introduction of Dongguan Noyi Precision Ceramics.

1. Refractories

Zirconia has stable chemical properties, good thermal stability and heat shock resistance, so it can be used as heat-resistant ceramic coating and high temperature refractory products. It can also be added to other refractories to improve their fire resistance. Zirconia refractories mainly include: zirconia sizing nozzle, zirconia crucible, zirconia refractory fiber, zirconia corundum brick and zirconia hollow sphere refractories, which are mainly used in metallurgy and silicate industries.

2. Structural Ceramics

Zirconia ceramics have good mechanical properties and are widely used as engineering structural materials. The life stability of zirconia ceramic bearings is higher than that of traditional sliding and rolling bearings, which is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; zirconia ceramic can make engine cylinder liner, piston rings and other parts, which can reduce the quality and improve the thermal efficiency; zirconia ceramic valves can effectively replace traditional metal alloy valves, especially in harsh working environment, effectively reduce wear and tear. Zirconia ceramics can be used to make ceramic cutting tools, which are more sharp and beautiful than traditional steel knives.

3. Functional ceramics

Zirconia is conductive at high temperature. Especially when stabilizer is added, the conductivity is stronger. With the high strength and toughness of zirconia ceramics, zirconia solid fuel cell can be made. In addition, piezoelectric materials, which are mainly composed of zirconia, have been widely used. The oxygen sensor made of zirconia has high sensitivity and has been widely used to detect oxygen content in molten steel, the ratio of oxygen to gas in engine and the oxygen content in industrial waste gas. Zirconia ceramic materials can also be made into intelligent automatic detection systems such as temperature, sound, pressure and acceleration sensors.

4. Medical biomaterials

The most common application of zirconia ceramic materials in biomedical field is as dental restorative materials and surgical tools; in Japan and the United States and other countries, zirconia ceramic teeth made of zirconia have good transparency, biocompatibility and quality; and at present, some researchers have successfully used zirconia materials to make bones for medical purposes.

The applications of zirconia ceramics mentioned above are introduced here. Zirconia is widely used and has a wide market. Specific applications include solid fuel cells, automobile exhaust treatment, dental materials, ceramic to

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