Zirconia Ceramic Cutting Blade

Brand Name
3X ceramic parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
5 pieces
78 R45N
for cutting blade
Main Property
high strength , high fractureness

Application of zirconia ceramic blade:

Zirconia ceramic blade is mainly suitable for cutting all kinds of membrane materials.

Circular slitting blade is mainly used for cutting paper, aluminum platinum, thick sheet and other materials.

The performance characteristics of zirconia ceramic knife are as follows

The slitting blade is extremely sharp and the cutting effect is excellent.

The use of imported slitting blade has the advantages of less leftovers, low reject rate and less blade replacement, so as to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

According to the user's different requirements for the blade material, we can provide ordinary carbon steel cutting blade, coating cutting blade and cemented carbide cutting blade to fully meet the needs of users.

Application of zirconia ceramic knife:

The utility model relates to a high-quality and high-efficiency blade for material cutting, which is widely used in the fields of film, chemical fiber, glass fiber, medical equipment, food, handicraft industry, automobile parts industry, engineering textiles, etc.

In terms of film cutting, as a high-grade special blade supplier, it has the ability to provide a variety of selected high-quality coatings such as tin, tic, TiAlN, CrN, DLC, TiCN, PTFE, etc. these coatings can greatly extend the blade's ability to cut white rubber sheet, aluminum platinum, high filling linear polyethylene (LLDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film, tape and drawn polypropylene (OPP) )The service life of films and BOPP films and other films.

The blade is extremely sharp, with excellent cutting effect, less scraps, low scrap rate and less blade replacement, so as to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

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