Zirconia Ceramic Parts

Brand Name
3X ceramic parts
Material Type
zirconia ceramic
1 piece
Thermal Conductivity
Compressive Strength
0.001 mm for out size

Zirconia Ceramic Parts Description : 

Zirconia Ceramics (ZrO2) especially Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramics (Y-PSZ) is a commonly used technical ceramic material. It has relatively high fracture strength among all ceramic materials, with the addition of high hardness and low friction coefficient, it is usually used for structural ceramic components. Its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to steel, so it can be jointed to steel parts. Besides, it has excellent corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity.

Zirconia Ceramic material is characterized by high hardness, insulation, wear resistant, high temperature resistant and thermal shock resistant. And all kinds of customized ceramic substrate are available in customized requirement.

Zirconia Ceramic Key Properties:
Use temperatures up to 2400°C
Low thermal conductivity
High density
Chemical inertness
Resistance to molten metals
Wear resistance
High fracture toughness

Zirconia Ceramic Typical Uses: 

Typical applications include ceramic valve components, ceramic grinding&milling media, ceramic knife blades for various using, mechanical liners or bearing balls etc.

Precision ball valve balls and seats
Deep well down-hole valves and seats
Rollers and guides for metal tube forming
Hot metal extrusion dies
Marine pump seals and shaft guides
Oxygen sensors
Fuel cell membranes

Main benefits of Zirconia ceramic components :

1.Anti - Chemical properties :  The strong acid and alkali resistance of zirconia ceramic shall be better than other materials .

2.High toughness , not easy to break  ,High hardness , high density .  Wear resistance property :  not easy to wear ,  with strong durability.   The hardness is close to the natural diamond and light than  metals , also has the gem properties such as never wear and non - discoloring .

3.Heat resistance property :  Can maintain the mechanical strength under high temperature ,  can be used in the condition with high temperature .

4.Good surface finish quality , could get more glossy smooth surface .  Small coefficient of wear , with quite good self - lubricating function , non - magnetic , electric insulation , static - free ,  anti interference and radiation . 

5.With nice surface and more optional beautiful colors, so it is good material for decoration accessories.

Custom make Zirconia Ceramic Components in different shapes and different colors :

Zirconia Ceramic Tube Rod Pin Shaft

ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic ring, flange , Zirconia Bezel watch ring

Zirconia plunger, piston

ZrO2 Zirconia ceramic washer, wafer , spacer

Zirconia Ceramic Substrate Sheet

Zirconia ceramic blade

Zirconia ceramic plate,   Zirconia block

Zro2 Zirconia ceramic tube, bushing , Sleeve, bush

Zirconia Ceramic Ball

Zirconia valve ,  valve seat 

Zirconia Components for sand milling machine

Zirconia Ceramic Dispersing Disk , Zirconia Disc

Zirconia Cone for wire guide , Zirconia ceramic roller pulley

Zirconia grinding head ,   zirconia screw and nuts ,  zirconia forceps , zirconia watch kits , zirconia cover ,  zirconia spray nozzle , zirconia suction head

Zirconia ornaments , zirconia accessories ,

Black zirconia ,  Blue zirconia ,  Yellow Zirconia,  Pink zirconia , green zirconia

Polished zirconia

Zirconia Optical Fiber Casing Description : 

Ceramic optical fiber casing made with zirocnia in extra fine size , with the property of high density , good toughness , high crushing strength , good truth roundness and straightness of product , after processing the product shall have the good pulling force and small insertion loss .

The zirconia ceramic structure parts can be widely applied in various fields such as electronics , chemical industry , machinery , light industry and textile , medicine , food and civil decoration ,  etc . 

Composition Sheet of Zirconia Ceramics : 

Physical - Chemical Inspection Sheet of Products 
Type: FMY-SB-3.0, Lot No : 14-06033
Inspection Result , PASS 
1 ZrO2(HfO2)% >94.3±0.1 -
2 Y2O3 % 5.4±0.2 JY-38IIAES
3 Fe2O3% <0.0030 YB/T568.2-2008
4 Na2O3% <0.0400 YB/T568.5-2008
5 SiO2% <0.0100 YB/T568.3-2008
6 TiO2% <0.001 YB/T568.6-2008
7 Cao% - -
8 MgO% - -
9 AL2O3% < 0.25 YB/T568.4-2008
10 CeO2% - -
11 CI% <0.02 GB/T9729-2007
12 Lg Loss % 3.23 1000°C, 1h
13 H2O% 0.31 110°C, 1h
14 Sbet M2/G 10.6 SSA-3600
15 D50um  1.444 MS2000
16 TD G/ML  - -

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