Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tube

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electrical insulating
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Ceramic  Thermocouple Protection Tube  Introduction :

Alumina protection tube, also known as closed end tube, corundum protection tube, thermocouple protection tube .

Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tube Uses:  Mainly used for the protection of temperature measuring components, so that the temperature measuring components are isolated from the outside world, reducing or preventing the components from being eroded, oxidized or damaged by external substances during use. Suitable for temperature measurement of air, water vapor, hydrogen, argon, carbon monoxide and vacuum medium 600~1700 °C.

Applicable temperature: below 1800 °C.

Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tube Features: 

Alumina ceramic is very stable in air, water vapor, hydrogen, argon, carbon monoxide and vacuum at temperatures below 1700 °C; due to the different purity of alumina when processed into a protective tube, the upper temperature limit can be different.

Alumina protection tube has high air tightness, high temperature resistance, high temperature insulation and corrosion resistance.

Instructions When using Ceramic Thermocouple Protecion Tubes:

When in use, the temperature-measuring component of the insulation protection is installed in the protection tube, and then the open end and the even-head are sealed with high-temperature glue. When measuring the temperature, the closed end is inserted into the temperature measurement zone, and the quenching and heat is avoided during use. In order to avoid excessive damage to the protective tube.

Ceramic Thermocouple Protecion Tubes Size range:

The protective tube has a normal size of 5mm to 25mm and a length of 2500mm. The wall thickness is 1mm to 4mm according to the product size. The conventional size of the insulating tube is 1mm to 8mm. The hole is divided into single hole, double hole and four hole. And porous, the minimum aperture is 0.5mm, and the length is up to 2600mm. The above dimensions can also be made according to customer requirements.

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