Machinable Glass Ceramic Macor Rod

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
machinable glass ceramic
5 pcs
custom make
Thermal Conductivity
Flexural Strength

Machinable Glass Ceramic Macor Rod 

Machinable ceramic materials have excellent electrical insulation performance (electric breakdown reaches 40kv/a per millimeter), high mechanical strength, and resistance to quenching and heating (resistance to freezing and heating from minus 200 degrees to 800 degrees, and are widely used in welding fixtures, optical glass forming molds, etc.). Its corrosion resistance is also better than ordinary ceramics. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it applied to all kinds of chemical equipment. Compared with polytetrafluoroethylene, it is more corrosion-resistant, non-aging and long service life. The vacuum outgassing rate of machinable ceramics is very low (widely used in all kinds of vacuum equipment, photovoltaic vacuum coating equipment, etc.). In addition, machinable ceramics also have excellent electromagnetic performance. They have been widely used as various coil frameworks, typically used in missile gyroscope instrument coil frameworks. Our company has provided various missile gyroscope coil frameworks for the Second Artillery Corps for more than ten years. It has been highly praised by many military industrial units.

The most outstanding feature of machinable ceramics is its machinability, which can meet the requirements of high-precision technology. Without mold opening, it can be directly processed and formed, greatly reducing the design and processing cycle. Machinable ceramics can be flexibly applied to various occasions that require structural ceramic parts with complex shapes, high precision requirements and difficult forming (such as various ceramic thin walls, ceramic threads, etc.).

Our company can provide you with stock rough embryo materials of various specifications (bars, plates, blocks, etc.). You can directly purchase rough embryo materials and process them into required ceramic parts with existing equipment like processing metal. In addition, we also provide drawing processing services. Our company is equipped with a number of CNC lathes, surface grinders, and machining centers, with a short delivery cycle.

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