Machinable Glass Ceramic Plate

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Machinable Glass Ceramic
5 pieces
custom make
Max working temperature
Thermal Conductivity
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
>108 Mpa
Shipping Way
by express
safety packing

Glass ceramic is a kind of high temperature resistant insulating material, and it is also a kind of corrosion-resistant electrical insulating material widely used in the field of ultra-low temperature. Its application range is from - 270 ℃ to + 800 ℃. Because mica crystal in glass ceramics has certain elasticity, it can prevent the extension of microcracks, so it has better thermal shock resistance. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion ensures the dimensional stability of the workpiece and can be used for air tight sealing. The production of density 2.6 product does not need mold design and production, which greatly shortens the development cycle, accelerates the engineering progress and saves the development cost. It is especially suitable for automobile, military industry, aerospace, precision instrument, medical equipment, electric vacuum device, electron beam exposure machine, textile machinery, sensor, mass spectrometer and energy spectrometer. For some thin-walled coil framework, insulation support of precision instrument, complex shape and other devices with high precision requirements, glass-ceramic ceramics are more suitable, which can be processed into arbitrary shape. It has higher strength than boron nitride, lower outgassing rate, higher temperature resistance than polytetrafluoroethylene, no deformation, no deterioration, durable, better processing than alumina ceramics, short production cycle, high pass rate, designers can make products of the required size at will.

Machinable Glass ceramic Plate can be used to process precision tolerance products using common metal processing tools and equipment. 

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