Advanced Ceramic Parts Precision Machining

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The last application step of advanced  Ceramic:  Ceramic Parts  Precision Machining 

With the development of the new material industry, ceramic materials with different properties have been industrialized one after another, and have gradually become the key materials for the development of high technology. They have great advantages in substituting metals. Therefore, they have obtained a large number of application opportunities in the fields of mechanical metallurgy, chemical environmental protection, biomedicine, information electronics, aerospace, national defense and military industry, nuclear power and new energy.

Although advanced ceramics are good, there is an important problem for their successful application, that is, their precision machining. Different from the easy machining characteristics of metal, advanced ceramic materials are mostly hard and brittle materials, with natural hardness second only to diamond and abrasion resistance hundreds of times higher than metal.

If the progress bar of advanced ceramics from raw materials to finished products is 100%, then precision machining is the last 10%. This 10% is uncertain. The lack of processing accuracy, surface processing quality and damage layer depth will directly affect the use of products.

It is one of the main investment directions of  3X Ceramic Parts Company Limited to specialize in processing ceramics to the same precision as metals, and to control the size stably and accurately, so as to make it perfectly applied to precision mechanical parts.

3X Ceramic Parts Company has a stable powder production capacity, mainly engaged in 99 alumina and zirconia ceramic products. At present, it has nearly 100 special CNC machines for ceramics, which can quickly and in large quantities provide high-precision ceramic precision machined parts required by customers. Especially in the Pearl River Delta, we can provide on-site service to cooperate with the design and provide proofing.


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