Advantage of Alumina Ceramic components

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Alumina ceramics is a kind of ceramic material with Al2O3 as the main raw material and corundum (a-Al2O3) as the main crystalline phase. The sintering temperature of alumina ceramics is generally higher because the melting point of alumina is as high as 2050 C (see the standard sintering temperature in Table 1). As a result, the manufacture of alumina ceramics requires the use of high-temperature heaters or high-quality fuels as well as high-grade refractories as kilns and furnaces, which limits its production and wider application to a certain extent. So what are its advantages?

Alumina ceramics have many advantages, such as high mechanical strength, high hardness, low dielectric loss at high frequencies, and because of its wide source of raw materials, relatively cheap prices and mature processing technology, it is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, textiles, and aerospace. It also established its high position in the field of ceramic materials. It is reported that alumina ceramics are the most widely used oxide ceramics in the world.

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