Ceramic to Metal Assemblies are produced by 3X Ceramic Parts

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Ceramic to Metal Assemblies are produced by 3X Ceramic Parts

With the technology of brazing ceramic to metal , ceramic metallization , 3X Ceramic Parts developed such products for USA customer and Russia customer .  Those parts are used in high power microwave environment which requires high purity alumina ceramic transmit microwave power well. It requires the ceramic dielectric constant in a stable range . 3X ceramic parts has made the parts successfully to meet the customer application reqests .

3X Ceramic parts manufacture many metal-ceramic composites such as thyristors and vacuum interruptem for use in high vacuum technology(HVDC-high voltage direct current  transmission , vacuum technology ). Using primarily aluminum oxide ceramics and various non-ferrous metals , such as OF Cu( oxygen-free copper ) or Nico(nickel-cobalt ), soft magnetic alloys, NiFe (nickel iron ) or stailess steel ( 316L) ,  as connecting agents . As a material – logical connecting technogy , both passive and active brazing technique are used ,  with this , high-strength composites can be produced which are permanently proof and vacuum tight in the temperature range from -150℃ up to +500℃.

The core competencies in connection technology , metal – ceramic composite enable 3x ceramic parts open up to other fields of application .  These are in products such as vacuum feedthrough(standard program ),  for co2 lasers and printing of circult boards.  Further experience exist in the bonding and shrinking of metal ceramic composites. 3X ceramic alumian stands as technology partner in the range of the metal – ceramic adding technology for electrical application into the fields of : vacuum technology . medical technology .laser technology .measuring and sensor engineering . energy technology .3D printerd ceramics . FEA-Analysis( Finite element Analysis).  From single protoypes to series with thousand pieces ,  we offer our customer a flexible range of production of mid –sized company .

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