Pump SSiC Shaft Seal Sleeve

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
Forming Way
Pressureless Sintered
5 pcs
custom make
92-94 HRA
Max working temperature
1650 ℃
Thermal Conductivity
120-150 W/ (m.k )
Compressive Strength
≥2200 Mpa
Delivery Time
25 days around
Shipping Way
by express

Pressureless Sintered Pump SSiC Shaft Seal Sleeve 

Silicon carbide shaft sleeve and seal for silicon carbide ceramic kettle can be used for sliding bearing,It is mainly used in shielded pump and magnetic pump for conveying medium, and can also be used in other.The utility model relates to a shaft sleeve for a silicon carbide sliding bearing, which is sleeve shaped,The utility model is characterized in that both ends of the inner side of the shaft sleeve are fixed mating surfaces

1.The middle part is a non fixed mating surface.

2.The middle part of the outer side of the shaft sleeve is a sliding mating surface.

3.Both ends are non sliding mating surfaces.

4.With automatic deformation with increasing temperature.

Compensate and absorb the difference of thermal expansion between pump shaft and silicon carbide sliding bearing sleeve. It does not have the advantage of large tensile force on the silicon carbide sleeve on the outside,Thus, the phenomenon that the silicon carbide sleeve is broken is overcome, and the application range of the pump is increased, The utility model improves the service life and overcomes the shortcomings of the prior art.

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