Silicon Nitride Substrate

Brand Name
3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
silicon nitride
5 Pieces
Max working temperature
Thermal Conductivity
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
> 600 Mpa

Silicon Nitride Substrate Description : 

Silicon nitride ceramic substrate is a ceramic substrate with silicon nitride (Si3N4) as the main crystal phase, also known as silicon nitride ceramic substrate. Silicon nitride ceramic is a kind of high temperature and heat-resistant material. Its thermal conductivity is higher than that of alumina ceramic by more than 5 times, and its expansion coefficient is low, which is consistent with the properties of silicon. The substrate made of silicon nitride ceramic as the main raw material has the excellent characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high strength, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical performance and good optical transmission. It is an ideal heat dissipation substrate and packaging material for LSI. With the vigorous development of China's electronic information industry, the demand for PCB substrate in China's market continues to rise. With its excellent performance, the market share of silicon nitride ceramic substrate is increasing.

(1) Compared with alumina substrate or aluminum nitride substrate, it has more than twice the bending strength.

(2) Compared with alumina substrate or ZTA substrate, the thermal conductivity is more than three times.

(3) High electrical insulation

(4) The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of silicon

The mechanical and thermal properties of silicon carbide ceramics fit perfectly with the requirements of high-power electronic substrate materials. The broad market prospect of Si3N4 ceramic substrate material in the future has attracted the attention of international ceramic enterprises. At present, only Toshiba, Kyocera, Rogers and other companies are really using Si3N4 ceramic substrate in the actual production of electronic devices. The thermal conductivity of commercial Si3N4 ceramic substrate is generally in the range of 56 ~ 90W / (m · K). As an example, Toshiba of Japan has occupied 70% of the global silicon nitride substrate market share by 2016. It is reported that its Si3N4 ceramic substrate products have been used in the hybrid electric vehicle / pure electric vehicle (HEV / EV) market.

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