Silicone Nitride Parts

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3X Ceramic Parts
Material Type
silicon nitride
5 pieces
Max working temperature
Thermal Conductivity
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength

Silicone Nitride Material Description : 

Silicon nitride ceramic material has high hardness, low density, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The rolling body is made of silicon nitride ceramic, while the other components are paired with bearing steel to form friction pair, the friction coefficient is extremely low, and it is not easy to stick and glue with the cage.Therefore, it has been considered as the preferred material for manufacturing high-speed and precision bearings.

The use of ceramic rollers in bearings was originally intended to meet the stringent operating requirements of advanced gas turbines.Later in the machine tool spindle, motor and generator and other fields of various applications, accelerate the application of ceramic rolling body development.

Hybrid rolling bearings with ceramic rollers are used in many challenging applications.Areas such as railways and the renewable energy industry, such as wind turbines, are already being used in large Numbers.

Characteristics of silicon nitride ceramic roller:

Silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball:

Silicon nitride ceramic ball has a series of metal materials such as high ceramic strength, good wear resistance, high stiffness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, magnetic conductivity, small specific gravity and so on. It has become the first material of ceramic bearing.

Silicone Nitride Ceramic Features are as follows:

1. High rigidity, high strength and high hardness.

2. Strong corrosion resistance, can be used in strong acid and strong alkali.

3. High temperature resistant, silicon nitride ceramic balls under 1000 ℃ environment can be normal use.

4. Non-magnetic and electrical insulation.

5. Low density (3.26g/cm3), about 60% lighter than steel ball, reducing wear and noise.

6. The low linear expansion coefficient (3.2 * 10-6/K), almost 1/4 of the bearing steel, can withstand the rapid change of temperature.

7. Self-lubricity, can solve the pollution caused by the lubrication medium and add inconvenience, can be used in vacuum and high temperature.

8. Drug resistance, high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity.

Silicone Nitride Material Datasheet: 

           Material      Datesheet 
Properties  Units  Silicone Nitride 
Mechanical   Density  gm/cc 3.2
Porosity % 0
Flexural Strength            Mpa 830
Compressive Strength  Mpa 2500
Elastic Modulus  Gpa 310
Poisson's Ratio   / 0.27
 Hardness   kg/mm2 1580
Fracture Toughness  KIC Mpa *m 1/2 6.1
Thermal  Heat Conductivity          W/ m*k  30
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion                             10-6/K 3.3
Specific Heat  j/kg*K /
Thermal Shock Resistance   °C  /
Max UseTemperature                                             °C 1400
Electrical  Dielectric  Strength  ac-kv/mm /
Dielectric Constant  / 8
Loss Tangent / /
Volume Resistivity  ohm•cm  >1014

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